Meet Hanah



ISSA Personal Trainer
ISSA Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Crossfit Level 1 Certified
CPR Certified
Pre/post Natal Exercise Specialist

About Me

Born and raised in a small town in Indiana, on a huge property with lots of room to run around and cause trouble with my two older brothers, I was in every sport imaginable. Soccer, Softball, Dance, Basketball, Olympic Weightlifting, Karate, Volleyball, and Track and Field. For pete's sake, at 5 years old, I was at my brothers' football practices running with them through their drills, sprints, and plays. Spite them being in all of their gear, you best bet I was keeping up with them! Even better, beating some!

How I got Here

Being a multi-sport athlete growing up, to competing in 3 bodybuilding competitions, makes it clear fitness has been a huge part of my life. After breaking my leg in High School, during a Track meet racing hurdles, I kissed my full ride scholarship I was working for, goodbye. 10 weeks of ZERO walking, all my mucle mass and endurance gone, and no more contact sports for the rest of my high school career. I felt lost, but who wouldnt?! I ate slept and breathed sports, like most of us. I would go to school and then be in some sort of sport until 5-6 at night, come home, do homework, eat dinner, go to bed and repeat. The weekends were filled with competitions. My WHOLE LIFE! After breaking my leg, I understood God's plan. Let me explain..

All of a sudden, I had all this free time. I decided, "I am going to get a local global gym membership as soon as my leg is healed". Within 1 year, I competed in my first Women's Physique Bodybulding competition and placed 2nd, being the youngest competitor in my class by 20 years. The next year, I competed in two more shows, placing 5th and 4th. More than anything, it was a learning experience mentally and physically and I feel that personal experience beats any informative or educational book. I learned how the body reacted to everything; anywhere from eating a candy bar, all the way down to drinking sugar free, calorie free drinks! I saw it with my own eyes, on my own body! I went from 19% Body fat to around 7% bodyfat in 16 weeks. After 3 shows, it got old. QUICK! I wanted to learn to live a healthy lifestyle and not go from 140lb to 160lb back to 140lb every year. That is NOT healthy nor is it balance.
While training at a traditional gym, a few friends had mentioned Crossfit. Being open to all new things, after trying it for the first time, I never looked back. Crossfit, is one out of many sports I have a huge love for. The more I grew up, the more sports I tried, the more I was learning about my own body, my next initial thought was, “I want to share my passion and knowledge with others”.
Therefore, I took the next step and became ISSA Personal Trainer Certified. I am also L1 Certified and CPR Certified. As we are all aware, nutrition plays just as big of a role as fitness and exercise. It intrigues me to know how the body works based off of what you put in it to fuel it. That is when I pursued my passion and became a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition as well as a Pre and Post Natal Specialist! I am always continuing education courses in health & nutrition.

If I had never broke my leg, I would be just finishing my degree in "Dental Hygiene" (Yep, can you picture me cleaning your teeth, sitting in a chair all day? ME EITHER!); But I always was different. I WANTED to stand out.

Here I am running my own business since 2014, not only helping people in one of the most optimistic and life changing aspects of their life; but helping people all over the world!

I strongly believe in carrying a healthy life outside of "Sports" or just a "Diet" and making it a lifestyle. Staying active and eating properly results in better performance whether it be in sports or everyday life and most importantly, makes you feel better about yourself. I want to be able to show YOU that a healthy lifestyle does not have to be based off of a boring gym routine and bland diet!

A healthy lifestyle has balance; being able to enjoy social gatherings, dinners with your significant other, eating "fun" foods without the guilt, any type of fitness that YOU enjoy, AND REST(=recovery)!

Ok enough blabbing.

With Love,

Hanah, or HanJam, and lastly, The Ripped Barbie