Meet Olivia



ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Precision Nutrition Pn1 Certification
CPR Certified

About Me

From the young age of 5, I've been involved in some sort of sport: soccer, volleyball, tennis, softball, dance, gymnastics. Physical activity has always been a huge part of my life so when I left the world of sports in high school, I needed something to fill that void. I found the gym and it became my biggest passion quickly. I competed in my first NPC show in 2014 with only 8 months of lifting under my belt and also knew then that I wanted to become a personal trainer. My first prep was extremely restrictive where I followed a typical "bro diet", and I rebounded quickly (and HARD) after that show. I gained back the 30 pounds I'd lost and was miserable.

I knew I needed something else. I couldn't do this for the rest of my life - how was this healthy? Hint: It wasn't. I was physically and mentally exhausted and my relationship with food was worse than ever.

Through my own research, I discovered flexible dieting (aka macros) and the game changed. I completed two preps and competed in two more NPC shows in 2015 while following the flexible dieting approach and it was the most balanced I'd ever felt while losing body fat. Although my competing career is now over, my passion for macros and the sustainability of this approach is still strong as ever. To make a TRUE, healthy lifestyle change, there can be no food restrictions, no more yo-yo dieting, no more diet rebounds. You should be able to (and CAN) eat the foods you love while fueling your body properly and becoming the happiest, healthiest version of you.

The passion and love I have for fitness and balanced nutrition is one I knew I needed to share with the world, so here I am! I became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer in 2015 and also hold a nutrition certification through Precision Nutrition. I'm pursuing both a Functional Training Specialist certification and my Bachelors of Science in Sports and Health Science with a concentration in Exercise Science.

Much love,

Olivia, or Liv