What are

A lifestyle
without restrictions

Macros. Flexible Dieting. IIFYM.

You keep hearing all these terms. You keep seeing all these people looking healthy and happy and talking about “balance”. But what is it?

There is so much information out there but the simple truth is that it is a lifestyle. A lifestyle with the number one goal of creating healthy eating habits. It is a mindful, healthy, and science based approach to eating to fuel your body, based on what is right for you, your body and your goals. Say goodbye to yo-yo dieting, starving yourself on 1000 calories a day or never having energy.

During our time together, think of me as your best friend alongside you on your health and fitness journey. HanJam Fitness is based out of North Carolina, but with remote coaching, we have the ability work with clients all over the world!


My mission is to provide you with the tools to make it simple to learn how to live your everyday life with a balanced eating approach. We will practice science based nutrition while focusing on how to take this lifestyle approach way of eating anywhere you go whether it’s to your kids soccer games, traveling, work, or at home eating dinner with the family. This will allow you sustainability and long term results.

You begin with learning how to follow the IIFYM approach (If It Fits Your Macros). Macronutrients (Macros) are the fundamentals of calories. They are the fats, proteins and carbohydrate content in each food item. Following a macro plan means eating ideal macronutrients based on your fitness goal, body type and more. It means balance.

Person dependent, my end goal for you is to incorporate intuitive eating along with your macros. (Making food choices without experiencing guilt and understand when he or she is full.) This is something that if you choose to make the commitment and meet me halfway, can transform your entire life for the better. This is a SUSTAINABLE way of eating. With having worked with thousands of clients around the world, HanJam Fitness is ready to help thousands more one person at a time.

5 benefits of following Macros:
  • 1. You are more likely to stick to your plan.
  • 2. You become more educated about food. (you’ll basically become a food connoisseur)
  • 3. You can achieve any goal.
  • 4. You don’t have to skip social gatherings or events.
  • 5. It WORKS! Science and many success stories have proven that following the IIFYM approach works.

As nutrition and working out go hand in hand in achieving your end results, you will gain FREE access to my Hybrid Joe program, 6 month trainer, and 8 week trainer during our time together. These are all optional. If you have your own workout program you are currently following, I encourage that! Why? The most important aspect when it comes to working out, is enjoying your program versus feeling forced to complete a workout. One point that separates me from other Nutrition Coaching plans, is I will recommend a training protocol for you. This means, we will go over any current workout program you may be following and adjust where I think is needed in getting one step closer to your goals.

Due to the time I devote to each client, I only accept a few clients at a time to ensure I am satisfying each client and their needs. Please feel free to book a complimentary consult to see if I am a great fit for you and your goals!

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