You are the BEST coach I've had. Leader more than a coach really. I have had a LOT of coaches (type a human wanting extremes all.the.time) and even while I was with you, I was training too much. It is a challenge and probably will be for a while longer, but I am slowly working on it. For food, I no longer have enemies. I have been out to eat more than I have ever thought I could and sure, some times I go over or under my food but I don't "make up" for it later. I jist get back to my numbers. However, MOST of the time, I am on track and my weight doesn't move or budge. I have been the same weight since the middle of us working together but composition has changed, strength has went up, and I feel better. I am slowly adding food in to find my maintenance like you taught me (which, most coaches don't teach....they want you to rely on them but not you which I am grateful for!). I know it'll take a while and due to you preaching patience, I am just replaying you in my ear when I want to add faster but I am not....I'm still doing check ins with myself and weighing myself about every other day just so I don't go crazy.

Also, I would have NEVER done what I did this last weekend. We went to a racetrack (yes, we race cars- our daily lol, and it's the biggest adrenaline rush ever taking turns at 80 and hitting a straight at 140+) anyways..... I didn't weight, measure, or anything. I tracked ONE day. Sunday I didn't at all. I was constantly moving to get to the car, or running to watch our friends at certain turns, adrenaline was at a constant high and I had natural good stress so I didn't want to add more. But, before working with you, I would have canceled the whole trip. And guess what, I didn't gain any weight. I also felt a moment of freedom. I ate protein more than any macro and stuck with higher fats and mainly veggies for my carbs but, at a track you're very very limited so I made the best decisions I could which were a few bars, subway salad bowl and had bread alone to snack on. I dedicated the weekend to fun. And I don't regret a thing. In fact, we're going to another track in a month!

I can't thank you enough for everything you do. You believe more in your clients than we do for ourselves and that is vital to our success which you know cause you have been there, which is another reason so many succeed with you. You don't just tell people to do things, you've lived it. From ups and downs. You're seriously the best coach, leader, and supporter that anyone could ask for! Also, you are the best at bringing people to balance! Hah...

Hey Hanah! I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks! My time with you was SO effective in learning how my body responds to macros and changes... I look back at the progress of our time together and I am amazed at what I’ve accomplished. You taught me to calm down, trust the process and give things a chance to WORK. Changing training styles to crossfit has been a game changer as well, leaning out still (and at what I THOUGHT was maintenance macros...!) You are amazing at what you do and truly inspiring in this industry. You’ve also inspired me to get my PT certification and help change lives around me!

I just want to say a big thank you as this challenge has gotten me back on track. I feel so much better and truly feel like I can live a balanced life even traveling a bunch for work and even with unexpected life events. I have lost a little over 10 lbs and feel amazing. I can’t wait to continue on this journey.

Working with Hanah changed everything for me. Prior to reaching out to HanJam Fitness, I had worked with one other coach before. I paid an astronomical amount, found that I couldn’t stick to their meal plan and I didn’t know why they had me eating what they had me eating. I was being forced to eat fish (Which I can’t stand) all just to lose some weight I had gained! When I reached out I was nervous because of my prior negative experience with online coaches. I really wanted someone who would teach me, and make me feel like they were rooting for me. Hanah IS that coach. Not only was she always available for questions, She made sure I understood the process and the reasoning for adjusting my macros every time. If I was having a tough week, Hanah always knew how to give me the best pep talk and get me back on track! I would absolutely recommend HanJam fitness to everyone, and anyone ready for results. I had never managed to lose more than 10 lbs, ever. Hanah helped me learn the right ways to eat, and how to stick with it! She will change things for you, if you want them to change.

I am so glad I decided to join the team. I learned how to be disciplined but flexible because after all this is a lifestyle and not a diet! It’s about enjoying your life and reaching your goals. Yes of course it was hard sometimes, but being consistent is key! I was able to transform my physical appearance, but also changed my mental game. Food is no longer a fear it’s a tool that provides you with energy to work hard in the gym!! I can say this honestly: Hanah is very understanding and she truly cares about her clients. Everything is individualized to fit your needs and how you live you life. I can say it has changed me!

When I first was looking into online nutritional coaches, I was a bit skeptical, I’ll admit. Before, I had just been “eating clean” but not tracking anything, and quite frankly falling off track alot. Because I wasn’t fueling my body properly, I was often feeling sluggish during Crossfit. I found “the ripped barbie” looking through Instagram. Since then, I have never looked back! Being a part of HanJam Fitness team, I have learned so much about my body and will power. On those tough weeks, or even days, Hanah is there for the extra encouragement we all need once in a while! I cannot express how thankful I am to have found this team! It is really a neat experience to get personalized macros that are set for your own activity. I always love check-in days no matter the week I have had because of the enthusiasm Hanah has towards her team; it’s always a great motivation to kick butt and chase your goals!​

24 weeks ago, I was struggling with dialing in my nutrition. As a full-time student and working 40+ hours a week, I needed some guidance. I had been following Hanah for a while and decided to give it a go and I am so glad I did. I started with 12 weeks and loved it so much I did another 12. I lost a total of 11 pounds & 8 inches on my waist, hips, and chest along. I not only lost weight but hit PRs on every lift and improved significantly in the gym. Thank you for giving me the confidence and tools to take this into my own hands <3

This past March I reached out to Hanah about her training services because I needed direction. I knew about her through Instagram and I needed help because I was stuck and not making the progress I wanted. I had initially lost 45 pounds on my own. I had no idea what to do so I just started with group fitness classes and carb cycling/eating clean. After a while I started to struggle though and regained 15 pounds. I ventured out into the gym on my own. I tried weight lifting routines that I found online, but I never felt confident about what I was doing! How much cardio should I be doing? How many days should I work out? I just didn’t feel like I had a routine that would get me results.

I was definitely hesitant to work with with an online trainer that I had never met. I have had trainers before in person at the big box gyms and they were a huge disappointment and a waste of my money. I put my faith in this amazing lady Hanah, and it has paid off immensely. From monthly workouts to follow (that told me exactly how many days to train and how much cardio to do), teaching me how to eat for my goals without feeling deprived (counting macros), and weekly accountability check-ins plus my determination, hard work and consistency……I have lost 54lbs since working with her and 85lbs total.

My relationship with food and the scale has changed completely. I don’t feel like I am on a diet, and I never feel deprived. I feel like I’m living my life for the first time at 33 years old. I have learned so much from her and I feel like I now have the tools to succeed on my own and I know exactly what I need to do to reach my goals. It’s an amazing feeling!
Making the decision back in March to work with Hanah has been the best investment I have made regarding my health. Hanah has an amazing passion for what she does and even through email she makes you feel like your goals and success matter. Hanah has helped me get my life back and I will be forever grateful for that!

Joining Hanah’s team was one of the best decisions I’ve made. In February 2017 I reached my highest weight and had lost just about any self-esteem I had left. I allowed stress to take over my life starting August 2016 when my husband was diagnosed with cancer and his doctors had him stop working. I was convinced I was just “too busy” to work on me right now. I had always been a fairly athletic person and could “eat clean” but I was stuck in a rut and didn’t know how to get out on my own. I needed accountability and guidance. I had been following Hanah for years on Instagram and was continually inspired by her client’s transformations, as well as her consistency with her own diet and training. One day while scrolling through Instagram in January I saw one of those transformation pictures and stories and decided I was done with this unhealthy pattern I had fallen into. I wanted to look and feel confident again. After working with Hanah for the last 7 months I’ve lost nearly 20lbs and feel the strongest I have ever been. Hanah provided me with workouts to help me get back in the gym with a plan. She taught me patience because changes like these don’t happen overnight. She had to work with me on healthy goals because I had unrealistic expectations for myself to begin with. Hanah showed me that losing weight shouldn’t be a quick and drastic change but something that is gradual and maintainable. Most importantly she has helped me learn what a balanced diet is through macro counting. I have never had a clear understanding of food and how it works for my body and the possibilities with flexible dieting. Hanah helps with understanding the nutrition side of things and how important it is to make sure you are getting enough food. She was the encouragement, accountability and knowledgeable person I needed at this stage in my life. 100% worth the investment!

March 21, 2016 is when my entire perspective on nutrition would change for the better. This is the day I decided to contact HanJam Fitness and begin the nutrition plan. Ever since I was a young girl, I struggled with weight, and body image issues. Once I got to high school, I lost the weight, however the means I took were no where near healthy. I under ate, and over exercised. I thought I was doing my body good, but I know see that this led me into what is called the “yo-yo” dieting; and the viscous cycle of depriving oneself to lose weight, followed by gaining all it all back PLUS more! Unfortunately, this lead to cycles of binge eating, and created, for me, a horrible relationship with food.

I found a passion through CrossFit, and it became a saving grace for me, however two years into it, I felt as though something was missing! Nutrition was the missing link. I had a better understanding of the need to fuel your body instead of deprive it, but it wasn’t until joining the HanJam Fitness team that I completely understood the importance of living a BALANCED, and fueled lifestyle.

I began my journey with Hanah at approximately 173 lbs, and currently sit at a steady 144, with the heaviest being 220 lbs. Most importantly, Hanah has helped me to mend my relationship with food, and love that balanced lifestyle without deprivation once and for all! And the best part is that I’ve gotten so much stronger and faster…..something I’ve longed for during these 2.5 years into CrossFit!

I never dreamed I would be where I am now and am so excited to see where I will be in another 12 weeks!!!! I'm shooting for hopefully another 15-20lbs putting me in the 135-140lbs range. I cannot believe I can actually set that as a realistic goal. So frickin happy!

Everything is feeling great! I finally went clothes shopping a little (read: had to) and I am down 2 jean sizes! WHOOHOO! Sleep and activity levels are absolutely great! Training is also going great, no noticeable loss of strength, in fact, I'm seeing strength gains occasionally. No issues with macros, limiting myself to one cheat meal per week. I have noticed that I am not getting hungry when I necessarily "should be" but I do eat regardless to ensure I meet my macros. Water intake has been good as well, no more issues there.

I am so incredibly excited to continue this journey with you! You inspire me to be better in all aspects, to seek joy and smile more. Thank you!

Stephanie M.

Hanah, It has taken me a few weeks to respond to this because I’ve been battling with my emotions over all of this. But, I wanted to finally write back since the storm has calmed to thank you. I have had quite a few trainers do my macros, and I have followed many training programs. I’ve never ever once seen the results I’ve been looking for. However, what makes you different from all the others is that you are the first trainer that didn’t make me feel like it was my fault or that I wasn’t doing enough. I always give 110% commitment to anything I put my mind to, and I have had the other trainers place the blame on me that I must not be at a deficiency at 1250 calories, that I wasn’t doing enough cardio, that I must not be weighing my food properly or that I was underestimating macros. I’ve always had the blame put back on me which has led to many many years of feeling defeated which ultimately leads to depression and often suicidal thoughts. I was really expecting your response to be similar in telling me why I failed and how it was my fault, but you didn’t. You were the first trainer to acknowledge the fact that even though I am under 5 foot that living on 1200 calories is not the best thing for your body. Keeping my calories so low and carb intake so low has put so much mental stress on me. I have been sticking to the maintenance macros that you gave me without feeling guilty for the first time in a long time. For the first time in a long time I don’t feel embarrassed to eat some carbs. My life is no longer taken over by having so few calories/macros. Now, all that being said, my weight is still too high and my bf% is not in a place where I feel comfortable. I don’t know what my next step will be to try and feel comfortable in my own skin, but I still wanted to say thank you for not making me feel worse about myself. Thank you for giving me the strength to not feel guilty for eating.

I started my journey with Hanah and then I found out I was pregnant. We put everything on hold and we started back up about seven weeks postpartum. It has been a very exciting journey and I have learned so much throughout the past months. We all have our own struggles but food and sticking to a “diet” was always a mental fight for me. I didn’t want to “diet” and that is why I reached out to Hanah. I have learned how to make counting macros a lifestyle and absolutely love it. No more being “good” during the week and then binging on the weekends. I now know how to go out to eat at a restaurant and make my meal fit my macros. Yes, I still slip up and fall off track. I mean, I’m only human. But I’ve learned that getting right back on track is key. Like I said, I’ve learned a ton but I’m still continuing to learn along the way. But I’ve reached that point where I feel confident enough to do this on my own! I can’t thank Hanah enough for all the help and encouragement along the way.

A year and a half ago, I was in the best shape of my life (other than when I was in the police academy) as I trained for a half marathon. A month after the race, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. Fast-forward nine months later, after five months of chemo, three surgeries, and halfway through five weeks of radiation, I was at my highest weight ever due to the chemo shutting down my metabolism, going into chemo-induced menopause at 37, and my body not being able to handle any exercise. I hired Hanah as a one-on-one trainer. She gave me my macros and I planned on jumping back into working out. Unfortunately, due to radiation complications and three more surgeries, I was unable to work out for another five months. So, I put all my effort into counting macros. Hanah was a huge supporter and cheerleader for me as I continued to work on my macros week after week. After six months of counting macros, I am down 25 pounds and now I’m finally cleared to work out. I cannot thank Hanah enough for her constant support!!